Install RedShift in Linux to Reduce Eye Strain from Computer Screen 2021

Install RedShift in Linux to Reduce Eye Strain from Computer Screen. Enable Night Mode in Linux & Install Redshift to reduce eye strain from Computer Screen by changing the Monitor Color Profile in Ubuntu, Kali, Arch Linux, Manjaro, Fedora, Linux Mint, Kali Linux, Red Hat, MX-Linux etc.

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RedShift in Linux is used to reduce eye strain from computer screen so that you can work for longer hours without any problems.
What RedShift does is, to reduce the color temperature of your display to a bit yellowish by reducing the red light which in turn helps to Filter the Blue Light from the computer screen.

Watch this quick installation and configuration video:-

For Arch, Manjaro, Arch Based distros:-

sudo pacman -S redshift

For Ubuntu, Kali, Debian based distros:-

sudo apt install redshift

For Fedora, RedHat, Opensuse, other RPM based distros:-

sudo dnf install redshift

For help on redshift:-

redshift -h

Setting color temperature:-

redshift -O 4500K -r -P
redshift -O 3500K -r -P

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