Download Torrent To Google Drive | Download Torrent File In Google Drive | Download Torrent With IDM

Download Torrent To Google Drive | Download Torrent File In Google Drive | Download Torrent With IDM using Direct Link with RESUME SUPPORT & FULL SPEED. Download Torrents Directly To Google Drive in 2020 without any limits.

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NOTE if using magnet link:
The next time you resume the torrent which you started via a magnet link, copy the torrent file from the ‘torrents’ folder inside ‘config’ directory (which we created in the main drive) to main google drive and name it without spaces (like: sub.torrent)
And use this torrent file to resume the torrent which you started by magnet link.
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Required File:-

NOTE after torrent completes or it shows seeding:-
you must always use
For example:-
!transmission-cli -D -v -g “/content/drive/Shared drives/Additional Shared Drive/config” -w “/content/drive/Shared drives/Additional Shared Drive” mad.torrent
with the torrent downloading command, after some time when torrent finishes
the -v option will verify the torrent whether its 100% complete or not
if its not, it will resume from where its downloaded
you must use this everytime after the torrent completes

Google Colab link:-

To Mount Multiple Google Drives:-

Google Colab has 6 Hrs Virtual Machine Limit
So execute the commands again and the torrent will RESUME
from where left.

Download Torrent –to– Google-Drive OR Shared-Drive
Magnet_Link or Torrent_File

  • Resume Support
  • No Internet Usage
  • No Download Limit
  • Direct_Download_Link for IDM or XDM or other Downloaders

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