Get DROPPED PRICE of product on B&H Photo Video AS REFUND | B&H 30 Days Price Drop REFUND policy

Get DROPPED PRICE of product on B&H Photo Video AS REFUND | B&H 30 Days Price Drop REFUND policy 2019. Get the amount reflected into your account for the price dropped for your order placed on B&H Photo Video.

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Original Price that I bought the product for :- $118.99
Price for product when dropped :- $112.58
REFUND Amount :- $6.41

Refund Policy:- 30 Days

Read the chat & other questions answered:-

Question: Price dropped I want the dropped price as refund

————Begin Transcript————Chat 1———-
: Hello Mast Londa, my name is Alex P and I’m looking forward to helping you today!
Me: hey whats up
Alex P: Hi, I am checking on the pricing.
Me: thanks
Alex P: We can refund you $6.41 for the price drop
Me: thanks for that

Me: but how will the refund be processed?
Me: into the bank account, OR some other way
Alex P: It would go back to the card that you used.
Me: that’s awesome

Me: but will there be any charges for foreign currency exchange for this too?
Me: because there were charges when i placed the order with shipping
Alex P: It will be a refund, so there should not be any fees
Me: now you may go with further proceedings

Me: So, by the way when will i be receiving the refund?
Alex P: it takes about 1-2 business days
Me: let me know when you have done the things at your end right now
Me: so that i could have no worries about the refund after that
Alex P: We are all set, it should be back in your account within 1-2 days/

Me: one more thing
Me: will i be seeing any updates for the refund into my account?
Me: about the price dropped i mean
Alex P: Once it is processed, we will email you

————End Transcript————Chat 1———-

Question: For how long you can claim for the refund for dropped price of the product?

————Begin Transcript————Chat 2———-

Me: upto how long i’m able to claim for the refund, if the price gets dropped?
Joey B: 30 days
Me: well thanks for that useful information

————End Transcript————Chat 2———-

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